The mountain bikes are wonderful for both the suburbs and the city. So if you like these types of bikes, or are thinking about entering the world of mountain biking and do not know where to start, this article will delight you. We will review the best cheap mountain bikes ideal for beginners and advanced downstream users that can purchase today online on the Internet

Among them, we have selected brand bikes: Cloot, Moma, and WST that are the cheapest but still have good ratings and are suitable even if you want to start in the world of MTB. In turn, for more advanced users, we have analyzes dedicated exclusively to specialized brands of enduro and best full suspension mountain bikes, the most prominent such as CUBE, Ghost Bikes, Giant bikes, NCM Bikes, and Haibike electric MTBs, always considering their excellent value for money.

We have also chosen mountain bikes based on the valuations they have obtained from their buyers, the ones that were mostly sold, and of course, the cheapest ones chosen by users like you. We will thoroughly analyze the secrets of its success so that you know them as well as possible since we know that choosing a mountain bike can be difficult.

There is a lot of offer for this type of bicycle and to begin with, this information can be very useful. Therefore, it is important to note that we have carried out our analysis on the best-valued bicycles on Amazon, but even so, if you are looking for a particular bicycle at a good price, you can access the full catalog of mountain bikes from different stores that we will see below. If you still don’t know what type of mountain bike you need, you can also read our special article on mountain bikes.


Best brands of MTB bikes for beginners and intermediates:

In the following list, you can see some brands of mountain bikes to get started on MTB. They are mostly enduro bikes, although you can also find good models with a double cushioning ideal to start:

  • Cloot Bikes

    It is a Valencian brand of bicycles that not only produces MTB with excellent value for money but very successful road bikes, urban bikes, folding bikes, children bikes, women’s bikes, and even BMX.


    The brand of WST bikes is manufactured and distributed by the Spanish company Deportica, based in Madrid. Deport not only manufactures bikes but also distributes long-established Italian bike brands such as Cinzia or Lombardo.

  • Moma Bikes

    We have already talked a lot about the Moma Bikes brand in other articles. It makes very popular MTB bikes, and with good value for money. It also manufactures and distributes touring bikes, electric bikes, BMX, and children’s bikes.

  • B’twin

    B’twin is the Decathlon bicycle brand. Due to its price and benefits, many people decide to start with this type of bicycle. They have from MTB to electric mountain bikes and children’s mountain bikes. They are quite complete bikes although many see them as a bit expensive for the components they offer.

  • New Star

    This is the “low cost” bicycle brand of the Depórtica company (which also makes the WST Bikes). As you can imagine, the New Star are very basic bikes, but they are not badly built. They are ideal for those looking for a very cheap MTB with good benefits.

Best brands of MTB bikes for intermediate and advanced:

For those who are already more advanced in MTB, here are some reference brands with good components and that can be obtained at good prices on the Internet:

  • Ghost Lector:

    Belonging to the Ghost brand of bicycles, the Lector are high-quality, high-performance carbon fiber bikes. Without a doubt, a benchmark in the world of mountain biking.

  • CUBE Bikes:

    Another German bicycle brand that is a benchmark in the sector, manufactures aluminum and carbon fiber MTB bikes. It not only manufactures high-quality MTBs, but also road, touring, children’s, trekking, and triathlon bikes.

  • Ghost Kato:

    Great Ghost brand bikes for beginners and intermediates. Made of aluminum frame and with the best Shimano, Rodi, and Michelin components.

  • NCM Bikes:

    They are one of the best electric bikes that are currently being sold online. NCM is also a German brand that is made in China and its electric MTBs are very economical and highly recommended among its users. It highlights its NSM Moscow models, such as electric MTB and NSM Milano, for trekking.

  • SAVA Bikes

    A German bicycle brand made in China. SAVA bikes stand out for their economic carbon fiber bicycle models for both MTB and road. SAVA has also ventured into the manufacture of folding bikes, electric MTBs, and electric folding bikes.

  • Haibike

    Haibike brand bikes are high-quality electric bikes of German origin. They are high-performance bicycles, good not only for advanced but for intermediates who want to test themselves in mountain biking powered by a Bosh or Yamaha electric motor.

Where to buy cheap bikes?

When it comes to price, there is no such thing as good quality, budget bike to learn. Here you can see some stores that offer good prices on bikes for all levels, of which, we will continue to talk further down in this same post.

At Amazon, we find any type of product, and mountain bikes are no exception. Some of its sellers are bicycle brands that offer their bicycle models directly without intermediary stores. It is trustworthy and great prices are found. Some of his best mountain bikes are analyzed in detail in this article

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